Tips and tricks

Here you can find some useful hint on how to navigate in Amazon`s store and how to take advantage of some cool programs it offers. We hope that the below list of useful tricks will improve your shopping experience on Amazon.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid membership that for a flat annual fee allows customers to obtain free two day shipping. It also allows for free watching of some of Amazon’s Video on Demand. Finally, it gives some additional benefits to Kindle owners who can borrow books free of charge (up to a certain limit).

An interesting feature is that Amazon Prime has a trial which means that you can try it for free for up to a month and then decide if you want to stay with it. It also has a 6-months free option for students with 50% discount thereafter.

Super Saver Shipping

This perk is available for customers whose orders exceed $25 in value of eligible items. If this is the case, then eligible items bear no shipping costs. In essence it is shipping for free. However, it usually takes longer than in case of regular shipping, sometimes over one week.

Amazon Cloud

There are actually two services here. They are cloud drive and cloud player. The first allows you to store your files and access them from whatever device you want. The second allows you to build your music playlist and play them from whatever device you want.

Cloud drive allows you to store first five gigabytes for free and then it will cost you 50 cents per gigabyte per year. Cloud player on the other hand automatically adds to your playlist music you have bought from Amazon – regardless of whether it was a CD or an MP3. The desktop version of Cloud Player is competing against iTunes.

Amazon Video on demand

It is also often called Amazon Instant Video. Allows users to watch a multitude of movies and TV shows. Requires Microsoft Silverlight (like Netflix). It has lower prices on some movies than iTunes and comparable catalog. You can also play content from Amazon Instant Video on your portable devices.

Amazon Deals

Amazon offers an extra discount on one item each day, the Gold Box Deal of the Day, and that discount can be quite substantial – sometimes as much as 75% off. To find it roll over the "Today`s Deals" tab at the top of any Amazon page, and select "Gold Box" from the drop-down menu. The deal of the day, lightning deals, and any other time-limited deal on this page will have a true, incremental discount. You can trust that you are getting a true additional savings.

Amazon Bestsellers

For most of the categories of goods sold on Amazon there is a bestsellers list that ranks top 100 items in that category with respect to sales. If you are not sure what is a good or what is a bad product or you are just looking for some inspiration, you can easily check out the bestsellers ranking.